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Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice

health benefits fo sugarcane juice

Health Benefits of Sugarcane juice

  • It is an excellent substitute for aerated drinks and cola.
  • It hydrates the body quickly when exposed to prolong heat and physical activity.
  • It is a great Preventive and healing source for sore throat, cold and flu.
  • It is very helpful for patients recovering from Jaundice.
  • It refreshes and energize the body instantly as it is rich in carbohydrates.
  • It has many medicinal properties, it strengthens the stomach, kidneys , heart, eyes, brain and sex organs.
  • It keeps the urinary flow clear and helps the kidneys to perform their functions smoothly.
  • Fresh sugarcane juice contains about 15% natural sugar, so it is lower in calories than refined sugar or simple syrup.