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Our Digital Temperature Control feature in Pop Corn Machines means NO GUESSWORK

Common Popcorn Machines available in the market are mostly stuck up with the old Analog Temperature Controller; Popular Steel Industries has introduced the next level Digital Temperature Controller Technology. With fresh Popcorn having a potential to become a flourishing business, we have realized that one really can't take chances with anything less than the best.

With so many commercial Pop Corn machines around, it's rather difficult for anyone to decide when it comes to choosing which one is the best to go for. Popular Steel Industries being one of the oldest & most experienced players in manufacturing such machines lists down points which can help you as a businessman to make an informed decision.

The Digital Temperature Controller Feature:

In Hospitality Business, you need to maintain the same quality & taste everytime. With the Digital Temperature Controller, rest assured the taste & quality of the popcorn made will be yummiest, each time everytime. So no micro level supervision required, set the temperature and all is taken care of automatically. Digital Temperature control of kettle takes out the guess work for right temperature required for preparing quality popcorns.

The Stainless Steel Edge:

This is something any businessmen would vouch for "To make money, you need a sturdy & durable machine which runs without any hassles". This is precisely what Popular Steel Industries has kept in mind when making this product. Our product is both Durable & Rust Resistant and as such a relatively Fault-Free as compared to the other machines. All frame, channels, parts, trays and even screws are stainless steel.

We used Food Grade Stainless Steel. This is what makes our product last longer than the other regular machines.

Superior Electrical Accessories Used:

There is no compromise on Electrical safety in our Popcorn Machines. Earth Leakage Circuit breaker ensures safety against electrical leakage. The Wiring used is of top grade & never gets spoiled even with spark. Earth Leakage Circuit breaker ensures safety against electricity.

No Amplified Power Bills:

The product consumes very less power & is very economical. You really do not have to worry about inflated power consumption bills.

Low Maintenance Cost:

Our popcorn machines wherever deployed have been running with little or no maintenance for years.

Cleaning is very Easy:

Cleaning the machine is very convenient too. Just wipe & clean, it's as simple as that. Removable Kettle makes kettle cleaning process easy too.

Both Compact & Good Looking:

This machine does not require too much space and can be conveniently placed at any corner. One model can even be placed on a shelf if there is any apparent space constraint. The graphics on the machine are aesthetically done& invariably attract customers. Back Lit Graphics Signs attract customers during night and makes the machine look very elegant.

Effective Exhaust Function:

Exhaust fan keeps the machine free from smoke. Inadvertently spreads aroma of fresh popcorns to attract customers.

Fully Automatic:

The machine operates automatically – the only thing to be done manually is adding the corn to the kettle & distributing them.

Untouched by Hand:

Customers nowadays are very particular about hygiene; the whole process of preparing popcorns with our machine as such does not require use of hands. This inturn helps make more sales.

No separate Kettle required:

Make Caramel and Butter Popcorn in the same Kettle. So you can market both of these together and make more profit at the same time. Specially designed Stainless Steel Heavy duty Kettle distributes heat uniformly.

Cooking Oil Dispenser:

This helps in correctly dispensing the oil & the stirrer inside spreads the oil evenly.

Keep Popcorns crunchy for long:

Deck (Base) heater removes moisture and thereby keeps popcorn crunchy for a longer period of time.

Powerful Agitator:

Strong Agitator geared motor ensures that agitator never gets jammed.

Fully Covered on all sides:

The enclosure for preparing popcorns is covered on all sides, so there is no scope of dust or flies dropping in.

All un-popped kernels are sieved:

Sieve on the bottom filters out all un-popped kernels in removable tray, which can then be emptied as and when required.

Easy to Move Around:

With small rollers or wheels in some models, it's also very convenient for you to move the machine from one side to another, keeping the business point of view in mind.

We do not compete on Price; however our product is certainly "Best PRODUCT at the Best PRICE". The machine will cover up its cost pretty soon & with a relatively hassle free performance year after year, you really would have no reason to complain.

Ofcourse if you even need service support we are very happy to help anytime.

Want to see the machine working LIVE; please look at our product video on this page
Contact Us, to buy this product or for any more information you will need. We assure you that if you have a steady business goal in mind, our machine is the most reliable companion that you are looking for.

Popcorn machines are available in different sizes to meet any requirements

1 Packet = (1 Oz (22Gms Cone) Packing)
50 - 200 Packets a Day
500 - 1200 Packets a Day
1200-2000 Packets a Day

Popcorn Mini 250

popcorn maker

Popcorn Mini is a complete commercial machine for making Butter and Caramal popcorns. It is ideal for professionals as well as new start-ups and is suitable for making 200/300 Packets in a day. Popcorn Mini has unmatched features. Popcorn Mini 250 is made entirely of stainless steel, so that it never get rusted. just wipe and clean. The Digital Temperature control ensures that anyone can make best popcorn without guessing about the correct temperature. Only First class industrial Electrical parts have been used. The mechanical gears are also made with stainless steel.

Popcorn Mini 250 With Cart

popcorn machines

Popcorn Machine Medium

popcorn machines

Popcorn Machine Super

popcorn machines

Popcorn Machine With Four Warmers

popcorn makers

Popcorn Machine On Bicycle

commercial popcorn machine

Popcorn Warmers Mini

commercial popcorn machine

Popcorn Warmers Large

commercial popcorn machine
Actual Feedback from our Customers
"Your steelwork is fantastic. Your service and communication is also excellent.You definitively beat the Chinese and American manufacturers on steel thickness, locks, tooth wheels, mechanical parts etc."
Robert Bisaki
"We have used machines from all over the world and we have found Popular Steel Industries machines to be the best."
Premvati Food Court, Akshardham Temple
"Thank you, very much the machine is perfect. Thanks again for a wonderful product,"
Lindee Yannello, California
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