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Popular Steel Industries
Plot No: 64, Industrial Focal Point,
Phase 9, Mohali, Punjab, India.
Phone: +(91) 98140 17404
Phone: +(91) 98159 17273
E-mail: sales@juiceindia.com, juiceindia@gmail.com

Actual Feedback from our Customers

“Our steelwork is fantastic. Your service and communication is also excellent.You definitively beat the Chinese and American manufacturers on steel thickness, locks, tooth wheels, mechanical parts etc.”

–Robert Bisaki

“We have used machines from all over the world and we have found Popular Steel Industries machines to be the best.”

–Premvati Food Court, Akshardham Temple

“Thank you, very much the machine is perfect. Thanks again for a wonderful product,”

–Lindee Yannello, California

* We enjoy great rapport with our Customers & can even provide you their phone numbers, if you want to speak to them.
* We also give Service Support whenever & wherever required.

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