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Gas Grill for Barbeque

gas grill automatic rotation
gas grill automatic rotation

Step up your grilling game this BBQ season with Gas Grills by Kebabster!

Gas grills by Kebabster are all about practicality and simplicity. The gas grill is made of Food-Grade Stainless Steel (304). As a result, its superiority makes it rust-resistant. In addition, you can grill anything, anytime, anywhere with ease!

charcoal flavour on gas grill
charcoal flavour on the gas grill


Kebabster optional charcoal tray is designed to let you add the flavour of charcoal anytime, on your grill. Firstly replace necessary sear plates with the charcoal tray, then add charcoal and light with your gas griller. It certainly adds fun to your meals!
Gas Grills allows you to cook up meals in a flash meanwhile the charcoal gives you the option to go low and slow for cooking.

gas grill 7 seekh

7 Seekh Gas Grill

This is a premium quality kebab grill, quick and easy way to barbeque more often. In other words, grill with EASE!

gas griller 14 seekh

14 Seekh Gas Grill

Grill delicious snacks for instance Kofta Kebab, Shisk Kebab, Chicken Kebab and many more Middle Eastern meats on this versatile charcoal kebab grill.

automatic gas griller

Automatic Rotating Gas Grill

 This grill boasts precise temperature control. High heat searing over cast iron cooking grids and stainless steel sear plates for even heating and moreover, to keep your grill clean.

 Dimensions: L x B x H – 108 x 51 x 26 cm

Made of Food-Grade Stainless Steel (304)

Cooks extended range of products (both veg and non-veg)

Removable drip trays, covers, and panels for easy cleaning with no hassle.

gas grill hose

Just connect Gas hose and it is ready to use – SIMPLE-FAST-EFFECTIVE

  • We use 304 stainless steel to ensure quality and longevity for manufacturing the grills.
  • Radiant Heat gives it the slow cooking effect. Therefore, your food is cooked properly.
  • Available in 2 sizes – 7 skewers grills and 14 skewers grill
  • We manufacture both- Auto rotating grills and manually rotating grills.
  • Easy operation. ~~~~
  • Negligible Startup time in comparison to warm-up clay tandoor oven or charcoal grill. Thus, less waiting time.
  • Water Source keeps the preparation tender & juicy.
  • Easy to operate, safe and hygienic, so no contact with any parts
  • Removable drip trays, covers, and panels for easy cleaning with no hassle.
  • Cooks extended range of products (both veg and non-veg)
  • Just connect the Gas hose and it is ready to use – SIMPLE-FAST-EFFECTIVE
  • Every Automatic Kebab Grill unit is supplied with 28 pieces of specially designed Flat Kebab Skewers.

It is very satisfying to cook without hassle of charcoal and get the same effect.

Harbhajan Singh

In short, Gas Grills are perfect to step up your grilling game this BBQ season! Enjoy your favourite grilled snacks without any hassle.

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